Who’s Talking? God or the Enemy (Part Two)

How do we know if God is talking? What if what we are feeling or thinking is good? What if we are faced with a great opportunity or relationship? I think we all know when things are contrary to the Bible, it is not of God. In part one of this blog, we were able to sort through how the enemy attacks our situations and thoughts. With God’s help, let’s look at how we can know His voice.

First of all, you must know Him and follow Him. The Bible says in John 10:27: My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me. This verse speaks of two things. One, you need to be saved. There has to be a time in your life that you accepted Christ as your Savior. Second, you must follow Him. You can be saved but not following Christ at this moment. Following Christ includes reading the Bible, going to church, and praying. The Bible clearly states, “if we seek Him, we will find Him.”

Second, we have to understand God’s character. He is never going to guide us contrary to who He is as God. Many people know God as Creator and Father but not as Friend. If I asked you to describe your best friend, you could. However, could you describe God on a personal level? We are going to examine God’s character.  I recommend that you compare your problem or decision with each of God’s characteristics derived from Galatians 5:22-23.

God is Love. If what you are thinking makes you feel unloved or is an act opposite of love, then it is not from God.

God is Joy. This one can be tricky because sometimes we can confuse happiness and joy. Worldly things or things outside of God’s will can bring happiness. The question is does it bring joy? God’s joy comes from Him, not your circumstances. So if you are trying to change your circumstances to find joy, then wait. Find joy where you are and then let God guide your circumstances.

God is Peace. If you are hearing something and you are unsettled deep inside, then you do not have peace. When you have prayed and sought God, wait for His peace. If the thoughts you are thinking are bringing anxiety and not peace. STOP. We can control what we meditate on.

God is Longsuffering. This means patient. If you are wanting to rush something, chances are it is not God’s voice. If you are always wanting the “next” thing and have a hard time waiting, you are not hearing from God.

God is Gentle. This is another word for kind. If what you are thinking is unkind, then stop. Watch what you say and how you treat people. If you are not gentle, then you are not allowing God to work through you.

God is Good. If God is working, you will have a desire to be good and do good. If what you are struggling with brings hurt to yourself, others, or your future, it is not from God.

God is Faithful. God always will guide us to be faithful. Of course, faithful in our relationships. However, He wants us to be faithful in all we do and everything we commit ourselves to.

God is Meek. When God is ruling our emotions, we will not be all over the place. There will be a steady calm that rules our emotions.

God is Self-controlled or has Temperance. This means our passions and desire do not rule us. We rule them with the power of God. Whether it is our sexual desires, entertainment, or leisure time, God would have us balanced and controlled in these areas.

When we are trying to decide if what we are feeling or what we want to do lines up with God, compare them with His character. So often we try to create these characteristics. They can only be faked for a while. The true us will always come out. We need to walk with God and have Him be these things through us. As we walk with Him and develop His character, we will recognize His voice easier. However, if ever in doubt, just go to the Word of God and compare your character with God’s.


I always like to encourage practical ways to apply Truths we learn. Write this Galatians 5 list down and keep it with you. When you are feeling frustrated or unsure, simply go through the list. Have a friend that can be a Godly accountability partner. Someone that can say to you that you are acting contrary to God. Go to church. Be involved. This one is often overlooked. However, we were meant for community and commanded to have a local assembly in which we are a part. Walking with God and knowing Him is not one simple formula. It takes reading your bible, prayer, godly friends, and church. God established our lives to need all of these to have victory. My prayer is that we all have victory in Jesus!!!!

Your friend, April Minnix

April Minnix