Shaun Minnix: Lead Pastor

Pastor Shaun brings a unique perspective to helping people learn the Biblical truth of salvation. Shaun was born and raised in a Jehovah’s Witness home and didn’t hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ until he was a young man. At eighteen, Shaun accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, leading him on a path to dedicate his life to God’s work. His passion for sharing the Gospel and God's Word led him to start New Horizon Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA in October 2011. In the summer of 2017, God led pastor Minnix to consolidate New Horizon with Grace Baptist Church to form New Grace Baptist Church.


John Kraciuk: Associate Pastor

John has a deep passion for music and a special talent to inspire others to worship the Lord in song. He enthusiastically leads our congregational singing, choir performances, and praise music--as well taking care of our special music needs. John joined New Horizon in July of 2016 and became the associate pastor of New Grace in August 2017.


Daryl Songer: Mission Director

Daryl has a Masters Degree in Global Studies from Liberty University. This gives him an incredible knowledge about and passion for world wide missions. He comes to New Grace to fill a need we have in our missions department. His desire is to help New Grace, and other churches, focus their missions program in a way that gets the gospel to the lost world in the most effective way while being a good steward of God’s resources. We are excited to see what he will bring to our ministry.


Stacy Kraciuk: Administrator

With her heart to serve, Stacy shines in her role as church administrator. She diligently takes care of the church’s day to day needs and is willing to help wherever is needed. Stacy joined the New Horizon team in July of 2016 with her husband, John and continues to serve as the church administrator for New Grace.